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Aspose.OCR Java for IntelliJ IDEA (Maven)

The project is IntelliJ IDEA (JetBrains IDE) maven plugin facilitates java developers to comfortably work with Aspose.OCR for Java API within the IntelliJ IDEA.

About This IntelliJ IDEA Plugin

The plugins is for those who wants to utilize Aspose.OCR for Java API in their java projects / applications.

Aspose.OCR for Java is a character recognition API that allows developers to add OCR and OMR functionality in their Java based applications.
While OMR features can be used to process questionnaires, ballots, educational tests and ordering sheets, where the documents to be processed are filled in by hand, and scanned images of such forms are used for marker recognition.

The plugin is aimed at developers who are using IntelliJ IDEA and need to find text in image files. It allows developers to extract text from images quickly and easily, saving the time and efforts by creating Aspose.OCR for Java API enabled projects. The Project wizard also gives option to create the Example source codes for using the API effectively.

Project Team

Adeel Ilyas -

The plugin contains two Wizards:

    1. Aspose.OCR Maven Project Wizard - To create Aspose.OCR for Java API Maven project
    2. Aspose.OCR Examples - To import / download Aspose.OCR for Java API - Example Source Codes for using the API.

   More Details:

    1. Aspose.OCR Maven Project wizard, after installing the plugin, can be run from File->New Project->Aspose.OCR Maven Project option. You will need to follow the wizard steps that require project creating info i.e Project Name, Artifact ID and Version for your maven project. An option if you want to also download the Aspose.OCR for Java API - Example Source Codes (To copy/import later into the project with the help of Aspose.OCR Example wizard).
    2. Aspose.OCR Example wizard lets you create / copy or import the downloaded Aspose.OCR for Java API - Example Source Codes into the project. All the examples within the selected category will be copied / created inside "com.aspose.ocr.examples" package and also the corresponding directory structure for the package will be created within "src/main/resources" folder. Which contains data files / resources needed to run the examples.

What is Aspose.OCR Java API?

Aspose.OCR for Java is a character recognition component that allows developers to add OCR and OMR functionality in their Java based applications. It provides a simple set of classes for controlling character recognition as well as optical mark recognition.

The API is extensible, easy to use and compact. It provides common functionality so that developers have to write less code when performing common tasks.

For more about the Aspose.OCR for Java APIplease check the api documentation - click here

Plugin Documentation / Help Usage

For the complete documentation of this IntelliJ IDEA plugin, please go through this wiki - click here

Video Tutorial

Please check the video to see Aspose.OCR Maven Project Wizard and Aspose.OCR Example Wizard in action.

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